The experience I had while having long drives

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Well, I do enjoy long drives and when we are talking about solo drives that’s what I enjoy most while exploring new places. However, while traveling I had several vehicle problems and because of those issues I had to postpone some plans then my brother suggested me to get a vehicle routine checkup and provided me with kfzteile24 gutsheinecode. From that time I make sure to get my vehicle checkup from kfzteile24 and avail discounts from Gutscheincode-deutschland gutscheine.

Experience While Exploring Germany

It’s been a long since I moved to Berlin because of work and wasn’t able to explore much and then I made a solo plan in which I planned to travel across multiple cities, and attend their cultural festivals and parties. The first place in Germany I wanted to drive my vehicle was Autobahn. As most people know that Autobahn is the expressway with no speed limit, so if someone likes to drive with no limit ‘Autobahn’ is their spot.

After traveling most of the countries worldwide, the drive I had on Autobahn couldn’t be compared with any other road worldwide. However, while driving on Autobahn, I had to go through some issues including a heating system. My vehicle heating system stopped working and because of the cold temperature I was unable to enjoy the drive, that’s when I used kfzteile24 gutsheinecode and availed of their services. They fixed it as soon as they could and I continued exploring Germany.

My second and best experience was while I was in Berlin, my wife visited me and I took her to Munich to attend Oktoberfest, which is the largest festival worldwide including beers and a funfair. It took us a while to understand how this ticket system works? We tried searching for it everywhere the only thing I was able to understand was if in case we have no tickets and the train conductor catches us, we will have to get out of the train to the next station. Even after knowing that, me and my wife took a risk and entered with the crowd who were dressed for the Oktoberfest event.

Luckily, we didn’t get caught and followed the same crowd till we arrived at the Oktoberfest. I was pretty impressed by their good organization and management. All individuals were drinking, but love to say that those people drinking beers were the best drunks I have seen. Everyone was hospitable and welcoming as they invited us to join them even though we were sitting a bit far from them.

Besides that, they are also good at following the rules and for example, it happened with us once we were on the footpath waiting to cross the road, as we saw no vehicles were coming, me and my wife crossed the road but my brother stayed and waited till the walking light flashed.   We had a good time over there as we met different people belonging to a different cultures. My wife was pretty impressed by the environment and culture of Germany, as she could hear the church bells ringing from our hotel room and people on their bikes carrying a basket of fresh vegetables and fruits. This town made us feel secure and all the time we were having good vibes of community.