Some Truths About Gun Control

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Everywhere you go, you are likely to hear the words Gun Control in common conversation. They point at the most recent shooting incident in the USA which took place in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022.

Buffalo, New York: May 14, 2022

In this shooting incident, 10 people needlessly lost their lives at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York, as they became unwitting targets of a lone gunman armed with an assault rifle. All of them were blacks.

The shooter was 18 year old Payton S. Gendron.

Although the incident has been publicized as local terrorism by President Joe Biden, this is in fact nothing more than a hate crime, pure and simple.

The investigators of the incident have uncovered quite a lot of evidence in the form of a hate speech disguised White Supremacist manifesto running into more than 180 pages.

It seems that the shooter was motivated by what is being called Replacement Theory.

The skewed logic behind Replacement Theory is that the original White American population has been dwindling over the years, and is quietly but surely being overtaken by Blacks, Hispanics and other populations.

There is a lack of jobs and other opportunities for these rednecks, which causes a potboiler effect.

Evidence from the perpetrator’s home computer uncovered what is being called a Replacement Theory manifesto outlining his beliefs and seeking to redress this maladjustment in the manner of his choosing.

It was also found that Payton had posted racist messages and anti-Semitic memes and materials on internet forums. He had also been sent for a mental health evaluation back in 2021, after making hostile overtures while in high school.

What is even more alarming is that the shooter was live-streaming the attack and had also worn body armor to protect himself.

There is thus a striking similarity with the incident that occurred at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand a few years ago.    

Guns Don’t Kill, People Do

It has long been maintained by the National Rifle Association or the NRA, that guns by themselves don’t kill people. You have to have someone to pull the trigger.

Guns which are purchased for safety purposes or to prevent home robberies are in fact, hardly ever used.

If you keep your gun away safely, store the bullets separately and also keep on the safety catch, you would have taken sufficient steps to prevent gun violence in the home or even the neighborhood.   

People Armed with Guns Kill People

The other side of the argument maintains that the free and unrestricted availability of guns is what makes it easier to kill people through mass shootings and similar incidents.   

The majority of the American population is in general agreement that common sense tactics such as mandatory background checks and bans on assault weapons- especially those with high capacity magazines- would definitely reduce the incidents of gun violence that occur from time to time.

Availability of guns has increased rates of domestic violence and gun- related suicides.     

The Second Amendment

People point out to the Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution, which they say gives a citizen the right to bear arms and even use these arms in self-defense. 

But it must be remembered that the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791.

Those were very different times and the intent of the Founding Fathers was to create a militia that could be used in times of emergency, such as to quash rebellions from slaves and other divergent groups.

A recent survey has found that there are about 120 guns per 100 people in the USA, or 393,347,000 such weapons among the local population.

This is the highest, whether considered per capita- or for any country’s population in the world.

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