Russia-Ukraine latest news

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Ukrainian authorities claim that Russia is probably going to plan on attack strategies as it attempts to enclose and take over Sievierodonetsk and other different areas in the Donbas district.

It’s been more than 3 months since the conflict in Ukraine is going, the war has been limited to a 75-mile wide area in the core of the eastern Donbas territory, where Russia focused on firepower and cutting supply lines so their military can move toward their cities and take over.

Russia is focused on taking over Sievierodonetsk, the easternmost city under Ukrainian control. Creeping barrages used by the Russian military from three sides have taken out electrical supplies and water connections, and cause of that residents are looking for underground shelters.

Six people have been killed in the last 24 hours, a statement given by provincial authorities on Wednesday.

Ukrainian authorities anticipated that the Russian military will try to strategize an attack that they deploy in the southeast town of Mariupol, Sievierodonetsk, and different urban areas as they are trying to take over Donbas.

By having limited targets, Moscow is more focused and deployed its military forces on the eastern Ukraine border, as they failed to take over the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and other cities around that area.

Russian military intelligence agrees that their military will suffer heavy battle damages if they attempt to take over Sievierodonetsk, because of that they will have to go through the toughest time to move forward.

In these intense battles, with each side attempting to surround the other and avoid entanglement, Ukraine’s allies are attempting to keep up pressure on Russia.

Delegates from Sweden and Finland visited Turkey on Wednesday to have a meeting with high-level authorities to address President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s the Nordic countries’ offer to join NATO.

Latest updates:

  • Vladimir V. Putin President of Russia visited injured warriors on Wednesday and stated government assistance and military advantages — an effort to show Russians that he knew situations were difficult. He announced that the Pensions for nonworking elders and the minimum salaries will be increased by 10 percent in June.
  • Vladmir Putin declared for the individuals living in Zaporizhzhia and other cities like Kherson, or areas taken by Russian army can have Russian citizenship.
  • Germany intends to arrange coal-powered plants that were soon to be closed down so that can be used later. It is to ensure that Germany never gets short on gases or electricity and can provide utilities to their people in case Russia cuts supplies of natural gases.
  • Focusing on seizing assets of Russian tycoons who own luxury manors and yachts in Europe despite the sanctions, the European Union planned on Wednesday to mark sanctions as a criminal felony and to take strict actions by impounding Russian assets.
  • Russia announced to perform military training with China after the war started.
  • On Wednesday, China started planning its combat strategies in airspace and waters around Taiwan.
  • The President of the World Bank has announced that Russia and Ukraine war can cause a major crisis as many countries will go through a shortage of energy, food, and fertilizers.

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