Topological effects and performance of Dabbawala Graph Model – A Study

  • Dr. P. Vaidhyanathan Shinas College of Technology
  • Dr. V. Thamarai Selvi Vaidhyanathan Sohar University
Keywords: star graph, tree, distance, coloring, chromatic number, eccentricity, 2-centered graph.


Graph theory is widely applied in Engineering, Computer Science and Business studies. The aim of this research is to throw light on how graph theory could be applied in common real world problems.  One such problem that is considered to address in this paper is the working pattern of Dabbawala in Mumbai. The purpose of the paper is two-fold: to propose an innovative model graph model  and to attest the proposed graph model in relevance to existing theorems by procuring diversity of results.


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Author Biographies

Dr. P. Vaidhyanathan, Shinas College of Technology


IT / Math Section


Dr. V. Thamarai Selvi Vaidhyanathan, Sohar University

Lecturer, GFP



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Vaidhyanathan, D. P., & Vaidhyanathan, D. V. T. S. (2018). Topological effects and performance of Dabbawala Graph Model – A Study. Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science & Engineering (ISSN: 2456-3552), 5(9), 01-06. Retrieved from

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