Application of Data and Management in Engineering Sector

  • Chet Narayan Subedi Lecturer
Keywords: Engineering, Management, Managerial skills, E-commerce, Global isolation, online business


In this 21st century, the engineering complexity has increased drastically. Almost all the engineering problems are interdisciplinary, that means, the experts from different backgrounds (for instance, engineering, management, data analytics, etc.) are essential to solve any real time problems. The history is very affluent with many examples of project failures due to poor or inappropriate perspective. The project failures might be construction failure, start-up failure, business failure, management failure, etc. However, on the other side, there are many successful case examples which are implemented with effective management skills. Some examples include banishing darkness from Himalayan nation ‘Nepal’, travel management among millions of sports enthusiasts in 2012 London Olympics, fund raising in 2008 presidential campaign in United States of America, etc. This paper focuses on real time problems faced by most of the African countries with their isolation in online global business trend due to poor management skills. Some case examples of good management skills are presented at the end of this paper.


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