Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, and 50 million dollar slander trial

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America is watching the slander preliminary hearing of Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard in Fairfax, Virginia, and most the people seem to be muddled.

This is one of the dark and complicated trials. While it’s a preliminary hearing over a paper article — with Depp suing Heard, it seems to be a big encounter. Amber Heard says Johnny Depp harmed her. Johnny Depp says Amber Heard abused him. So what’s reality?

Amber Heard was speaking against Johnny Depp and claims that she has been through a lot because of her ex-husband Johnny Depp, and with a tissue, she wiped her nose. She appeared to freeze as her face was enlightened by a flash, it was like she was naturally posturing for a photograph.

It happened instantly that would have slipped through and could have been discreet under ordinary conditions, then again nothing about this preliminary is normal, beginning with the way it is being aired online like a sports match.

It can be a bug with the broadcast or might be a posture for a photograph. Although it doesn’t matter as the moment was captured by netizens and shared on social media.

“Amber Heard should be in jail” was said by one of the Instagram users sharing her picture.

Most of the public had the same opinion on social media platforms as it shows that everything Ms. Heard does is preplanned, manipulative, and scheming. Whereas Mr. Depp has been gaining a positive response and has been said that He is being falsely accused.

Anything you consider about Amber Heard’s actions, or whether you decide to agree with her, this is a standard public attack — only memers have changed the situation.

The case between Amber Heard who is 36 years old, and Mr. Depp, 58, who has been going in court for almost two months is a libel case.

In 2018, Amber Heard almost two years divorced Mr. Johnny Depp — shared her opinion with The Washington Post in which she considered herself a well-known person addressing domestic maltreatment.

That article didn’t mention Johnny Depp’s name, yet his attorneys say the allegations were clear. Besides that, he mentioned that their client lost worthy roles, including the “Pirates of the Caribbean” contract.

Johnny Depp is claiming 50 million dollars for damages he suffered. Amber Heard is counterclaiming him for the doubled amount of 100 million dollars, claiming for maligning, as Johnny Depp’s lawyer named her a “hoax.”

Let’s make it clear, that this is not a criminal preliminary. Nobody has to go to jail. The case is not even about domestic maltreatment. Lawyers claim that the case is based on the First Amendment, which means that the pressure is on Johnny Depp to assure judges that he’s not foul and Amber Heard lied by playing a victim card.

The goal of the #MeToo movement was to make people understand to treat ladies who speak with respect and nobility, no matter how muddled and flawed they or their claims might be.

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