PHOTOGRAPHY – Pariah of Art or Outpost of Creativity?

  • Ralf G Will


In my 5-pointer Theory of Art, personality plays an integral part. Could also be called historical background of artist, or the humanising of ignorance, rejection and cold-shoulderd aloofness. Personality forms a range of experiences that build character, showcasing individual identity and creative choice. And viewed over a longer period of time, the artist`s overall message can also be termed personality. Even stand for a specific streak of creative life that may not have looked as such when it first started out or when it passed the half-way mark, huffing, puffing, struggling along, catching its breath from plenty strain and stress, yet that comes out a winner at the end of the rat race! Not a winner as in win or lose but becomes an artist and achieves fulfillment in a life well spent and dedicated to unravelling value and exposing insincerity.

Author Biography

Ralf G Will,

Ralf G Will, born in Namibia, came to Germany with his parents in 1965 and grew up in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. He took first literary steps as editor of his high-school journal near Munich and returned to Africa in 1983. After working as guide for photographic safaris and studying Anthropology and Politics, he was banned from the University of Cape Town in 1987. Charge: Resistance against forced segregation. He had started his interview project into the „Role of the Artist in Society“ in 1986 and published the original talks in 2011. Mr Will took his degree in 1997 and has worked as photographer, writer, Art critic and researcher, music and sports promoter, and as tour operator ever since.

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