Funky Friday Codes| Codes for Animation and Free Points that Make Funky Friday More Exciting

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In the gaming world, it is clear that the games available on the Roblox platform have been making a statement of sorts. Not only are the games entertaining and enthralling, but they have created a good amount of fan following for each of the gamers. Every gaming fan is clear about his or her favorites.  

The good thing about Funky Friday is that playing the game gives you the feel of the old arcade games of the past, like Friday Night Funkin’- where you could feel the hits with sound and lighting. Many have compared the similarities of Funky Friday to Dance Dance Revolution.  

The Friday Night Funkin’ game is based on a singing and rapping battle in which the user plays as the Boyfriend and he has to get the Girlfriend by proving himself to be a worthy partner to the girl’s Mother and Father, who are also other characters in the game.

The game has 7 levels called 7 weeks in which the player has to match himself against a number of other characters in the game. For instance, in the 1st week, you will meet characters like Bopeepo, Fresh and Dad Battle, while Spookeez, South and Monster will reveal themselves in the second stage, and so on.

The codes for Funky Friday are created and distributed by Lyte Interactive- the developers of this game. It includes codes for animation and free points. You have to keep an eye out for when the new codes are released however, since they do not follow any set pattern.

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Funky Friday Currently Playable Codes

The Funky Friday presently operating codes are given hereunder :

  • Users can get One Year Scoop Microphone with1yearscoop code.
  • Use the 1yearfunky code to get 1000 points.
  • Use the code 2v2!! To get a Sakuroma Microphone.
  • Implementing 9keyishere will give you 500 points.
  • If you want a Cheese microphone, use the CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU code.
  • For some candy cane animation, use the XMAS21 code.
  • Try out the 1BILCHEESE if you want to lose control.
  • The code MILLIONLIKES gives you a radio remote.
  • If you want 250 points, use the 100kactive code.
  • Using the Halfbillion code will get you 500 points.
  • The SMASHTHATLIKEBUTTON code will give you 300 points.
  • You can obtain 250 points using the 250M code.
  • Choosing the 19DOLLAR code gives you RickRoll animation.
  • Try 1MILFAVS to get boombox animation.
  • Using 100M will get you 500 points.

Using the Funky Friday Redeem Codes

It is quite a simple process to be followed for redeeming codes in the Funky Friday game. Users have to implement the same steps as used in other games on the Roblox platform. You have to first enter the game, then you have to click the Twitter icon located on the screen top. Next, you have to type your code in the dialogue box. Lastly,  you must click on the Redeem button in order to get the chosen codes for animation and free points in the game.

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