Explanation On Among Us Characters

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Characters of Among Us are different and iconic from all games. The crewmen of the spacecraft look different as they are attractive, and their collection of the wardrobe of unique accessories makes the user enjoy it and gets unforgettable.

Users can select from the list of twelve different avatars, each character has its unique color. Besides that, there are no advantages of characters offered by Among Us. Yet, in this game, most of the players aim to make their avatars look different and cool.

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Luckily, users can modify their Among Us avatars with different skins, hats, and even Among Us pets. Users can uniquely customize their avatar by creatively getting matching clothes and accessories. So yes, customization is a thing in Among Us. Read this guide and understand the characters of Among Us and the best way to customize them.

Complete Guide on Among Us Avatars – Read To Know Everything

Who Are The Avatars in Among Us?

The avatars in Among Us are crewmen of a spacecraft that is occupied by dangerous and weird imposters. Avatars in Among Us look like a human with plump looks. Besides that, these avatars are dressed in full-body pressure suits and tiny bags. The task of bags is not clear, but the gamers are giving a guess and claiming that it might be a tank for oxygen supply or something like that.

These crewmen have no ranks or specialization, which means they can do any mission on the spacecraft without any problem. There is only one issue they don’t get killed by imposters. The developers haven’t provided any backstory for avatars of Among Us, but it can be changed as new updates get released with story mode.

What Are The Avatars in Among Us Called?

Normally, developers haven’t named them but users can pick their avatar name. Renaming Among Us avatar is not difficult and can be changed at the beginning of the new round. To change the name for Among Us Avatars, go to the ‘Online’ menu page, and tap on ‘Enter Your Name’ next step is to change your name to something new and thrilling. Remember that users cannot rename their avatar when playing a round, as it will confuse all players and will affect gameplay.

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All Avatars Of Among Us

Among Us have overall twelve different avatars in total, and each avatar has its different color. A list of those avatars is shared below:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • White
  • Blue
  • Lime
  • Red
  • Cyan
  • Pink
  • Yellow

This is a complete guide on Among Us avatars. We have also provided an answer to frequently asked questions related to this game below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there any way to report players in Among Us?

Yes, users can report other players for playing inappropriately and misbehaving. To Report go to the chat page, tap on the ‘kick’ menu option, choose the user you want to report and then tap on the ‘report’ option.

  1. How to play Among Us?

Playing Among Us is not hard as it is a multiplayer game that puts you in spacecraft with other crewmen to fulfill your tasks. But, be careful as one or more crewmen are imposters and their task is to stop other users from completing tasks by killing, and damaging. After that those imposters try to frame other crewmen who are innocent.

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