Dota 2 ranks: Elaboration Of The Ranking System, MMR, To A Lot More

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Regardless of being released around a decade ago, there are always a good amount of players registering for the Dota 2 game. Several players play a few casual games for a while and then they log out, but most of the players who have an interest in playing Dota 2 are playing to improvise their rank and show their value.

Just like any other competitive game online, Dota 2 also has high skill levels and when it comes to multiple heroes to understand the game completely, Dota 2 is not an easy game to level up your rank to Immortal. As we say it is possible only if you have a smart mind and are ready to improvise on your tactical strategies.

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In case you have just started playing Dota 2, sit back and relax as it can be an overwhelming task to take to the ranked line, for that we have provided some responses to the most often asked question to assist new players in the ranking system of Dota 2, counting the various tiers, how Dota 2 Match Making Rating (MMR) is determined, and that’s the only tip of the iceberg.

Explain Ranks for Dota 2

In Dota 2 there are overall eight tiers in their ranking system. It starts from the bottom and lowest rank called “Herald” and can reach up to the highest level “Immortal”. All tiers besides Immortal include five sub rankings below them, starting from one and going to the highest five. Overall there are thirty-six rankings in Valve’s Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

Rank badges and their levels are mentioned above in the image, as shown there are only a few ranks for Immortal. Reasons are dependent on where you will be starting on Immortal leaderboards, they won’t provide players individual ranks. Also, you will get a sparky badge to show what level you are on.


How do Ranks operate in Dota 2?

The ranking system for Dota 2 can be a bit confusing by just looking, but it operates like all other MOBA games. New players will have to keep playing and pushing their ranks by playing above a hundred hours’ worth of gaming and then we can begin grinding.

The Sooner the ranking system gets unlocked (and a user account is linked with their mobile number) they will be required to get ten matches before they get a rank. The calculation will be based on your ratio of losing and winning and your total match-making rating, remember it won’t be calculated with your performance during the match.

Depending on players winning or losing as their match-making rating will be changing over time with the game score. The rules for the ranking system don’t get changed as the players climb the ladder, not like the Valorant ranking system. The ranking system in Dota 2 will be reset after season time gets over and the new season starts. The cycle keeps repeating.

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In Dota 2 what is Match Making Rating (MMR)?

A Player’s match-making rating or call it MMR is a score in numbers that shows what rank a player is actually at. It also assists players while making a match to ensure players and find them an equivalent opponent, so it doesn’t get unfair.

In match-making rating, the number won’t be the same it will keep decreasing or increasing depending on how many matches you lose or win in ranked games. After a player gets on a specific rank take “Legend 2” as an example. Changes will be applied to the user’s rank. Players can also check their matchmaking rating points for every rank in the table provided on top.

Match Making Rating will only be affected by your losses and wins, always remember. Performance of player’s gameplay, whether they are bad or too good, they don’t affect matchmaking rating points.


Describe Ranking Distribution For Dota 2?

Dota 2 ranking system can be a little difficult to understand as given several ranks. Valve doesn’t provide the data for rank distribution, but with the Application Programming Interface (API) players can have a clue about how the distribution of rank can be on leaderboards.

Details are shared by Esports Tales below to have a look at how the distribution for season 5 ranking will be like on Dota 2.

If looking at the data, normal players reach Archon 3 or 2 rank in Dota 2. Not every player can reach higher ranks in this game, as it’s not easy to get there, which shows the Dota 2 maximum skill can get that high.

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