Journal of The International Association of Advanced Technology and Science

Menu Script

Font should be Times New roman throughout the article with the following varying sizes

Main heading: 16 size – No italics – Title case bold

Section heading: 13 size – No italics – Title case bold

Keywords: 10.5 size, the word “Keywords” only should be bold, no italics, give full stop after keywords.

Full text: 10.5 size, do not bold anywhere except important content, no underline, no unwanted italics (except bio terms and other terms which need italics as standard pattern).

Table name and figure name: 10.5 size, the word “Table” and “Figure” only should be bold, use colon after Table: and Figure:

Line Spacing:
All line spacing is single, do not use other spacing throughout the article.
In reference section there should be one space between each reference.
All margins are 1” on all sides, do not change the template margin
Units: All units in the article should be SI units.

Abstract: No italics, 10.5 size font, do not remove the lines above and below abstract in template, do not redraw the lines, copy past the content between lines. Abstract should not be more than 200 words, give a precise abstract conveying what the article meant for, many readers just read the abstract to understand the importance of the article, hence this portion requires utmost attention, use simple words without improper expression, make it simple to read and easy to understand, provide important outcome of the experiments.

Keywords: Provide up to 8 keywords that express the article content, do not provide to generic keywords such as Remote Sensing, Environment, Biotechnology etc.